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Guangzhou Liwei Cosmetics Co., Ltd. CompanyProfile Guangzhou Liwei Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is a professional cosmetic manufacturer specialized in personal health care and cosmetics, engaged in research, development, manufacturing and marketing in China and overseas market.

Hot Products

    • Skin Care Facial Serum

      Skin Care Facial Serum

      An active form of vitamin c occurs naturally in citrus fruits. This powerful water-soluble antioxidant protects the skin from oxidative damage caused by the sun's rays (uva / uvb radiation). Improves the elasticity of the skin improving the production of collagen.

    • Whitening Vitamin C Serum

      Whitening Vitamin C Serum

      Product Name: Vitamin C Serum
      Main Ingredient:vitamin c, organic deionized herbal infusion, Botanical hyaluronic acid, msm etc.
      Main Function: Skin Whitening and moisturizing
      Shelf life: 3 years