Moisturizing Face Mask

Product Name: ZHEZE Moisturizing Face Mask
Main Ingredient: Collagen, Q10, and etc
Main Function: Skin moisturizing and cleansing
Shelf life: 3 years

Product Details

Product Description

Product Name

ZHEZE Moisturizing Face Mask

Main Ingredient

Collagen, Q10, and etc

Main Function

Skin moisturizing and cleansing

Shelf life

3 years







How To Maintain Your Skin with Our Moisturizing Face Mask

Step 1, hydration is the foundation of the skin

Because the moisture of the skin is very easy to lose, if the lack of water will directly lead to abnormal metabolism of the skin, there will be a series of skin problems in aging. This product contains a large number of hydrating factors and plant extracts to lay a good foundation for the skin;

Step 2, moisturizing is the key

The skin is replenished with water, but if the water is not well retained, the moisture is locked, and it is no good, our natural malachite is moisturizing;

Step 3, rebuild and repair the skin

Contains natural purslane, ferulic acid activity and other ingredients to help rebuild the epidermal barrier and repair sensitive skin to repair the skin;

Step 4, restore skin vitality

Enriched with a variety of anti-aging ingredients to help the skin restore elasticity and remove fine lines;

Step 5, a new whitening high permeability system

The natural ferulic acid active ingredient can quickly enter the dermal layer of the skin with the delivery of a new microemulsion delivery system. At the same time, the formula is compounded with arbutin, which has the ability to target rapid absorption. Give this mask a fast, brightening complexion.



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