Hair conditioner

- Jan 21, 2019-

Most people continue to use 2-in-1 shampoo or use non-targeted shampoos and conditioners after they have just dyed their hair, so the color fades quickly. Although the color fade is normal, but because the shampoo is generally open to the extent of the scales, the cleaning power is very strong, so each shampoo will take away many pigments, and the general conditioner can only maintain its surface, and Does not protect its pigments.

Professional shampoos and conditioners for hair dyes stabilize pigment particles, making them less prone to loss. In addition, the heat of the hair dryer will also accelerate the pigmentation. Therefore, it is necessary to apply some conditioner containing hair conditioner before the hair to maintain the pigment in the hair core to stabilize it.

Special reminder: hair color is most afraid of the sun and oxidation of the two killers, long-term sun exposure will cause the hair dyed to fade, therefore, people with a variety of beautiful hair dye if you travel in the summer, it is best to use sunscreen before going out Hair care essence to prevent UV rays from accelerating and fading. It is also necessary to use hair-care shampoo and conditioner for anti-oxygen vitamins during repair.