Hair conditioner ingredients

- May 08, 2019-

Hair conditioners are mainly composed of surfactants, co-surfactants, cationic conditioning agents, fatliquors, oils, chelating agents, preservatives, colors, flavors and other active ingredients. Among them, the surfactant mainly acts as emulsification, antistatic and antibacterial; the auxiliary surfactant can assist the emulsification; the cationic conditioning agent can soften, antistatic, moisturize and regulate the hair; the fatliquor such as lanolin and olive oil Silicone oil, etc. can improve the nutritional status of hair in hair conditioner, make the head bright and easy to comb; other active ingredients to dandruff, moisturizing, sunscreen, vitamins, hydrolyzed protein, plant extracts, etc. to impart various functions to hair conditioner, Commonly used in the market are anti-dandruff conditioners, aloe vera or ginseng-containing conditioners, and the like.

The main feature of the rinse-off conditioner is that it distributes the hair care ingredients evenly on the hair through the water bleaching process. It is the most commonly used hair care product. The characteristics are as follows: 1 The paste has a moderate consistency and is easy to use; 2 It has no greasy feeling when used. Easy to apply, soft and smooth; 3 can be evenly distributed on the hair; 4 easy to clean, good hair care effect.

With the influence of environmental pollution, hair dyeing, perm and other unfavorable factors, people pay more attention to hair care, and there are many hair care products. Among them, two-in-one shampoo has once become the main product of shampoo and hair care. Two-in-one shampoo is a convenient and quick way to get shampoo and hair care, but shampoo and conditioner are used separately. The hair care effect of conditioner is also favored by people, making shampoo The trend of separate use of conditioners has picked up.