Shampoo purchase method

- Mar 01, 2019-

The reason why the hair becomes dirty is the residue of dust and styling agent. The other point is the oil and sweat secreted by the scalp. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a shampoo with moderate detergency, fine foam and little irritation.

If a shampoo that is too clean is used, the necessary fat content of the hair will be excessively dropped, so the hair will be too dry or dandruff easily formed. This is why people often hear that shampooing will turn off, easy to make hair dry and dandruff.

No matter what kind of shampoo you choose, the first thing to remember is not to use shampoo every day. This will wash off the hair's own oil and dry the hair and scalp. Secondly, shampoo should be used once every other day; if the hair is dry or damaged or curled, you should choose a moisturizing shampoo. Products containing natural oils or amino acid surfactants are effective for smoothing hair. You can also use shampoos containing synthetic lubricants; if your hair is always shiny, such as waxing, you should choose shampoo for oily hair, or tea tree oil or weak acid shampoo. Do not use shampoos that contain alcohol and alkaline. Although they can effectively remove oil, it can also damage the hair and dry the scalp. If it is dry hair, it is generally necessary to use nourishing amino acid shampoo, you can also choose the use of hair conditioner or hair mask to make the hair more moisturizing, you can also do hair care regularly.