The difference between hair conditioner and hair mask

- Feb 02, 2019-

The so-called "soy oil" actually includes two meanings: one is the "soy oil" which dyes hair, and the other is the "squeezing oil" which moisturizes the hair. In fact, in the high-end hair care market, more It is called "hair mask".

Emu oil is a physical effect. The hair is dry and dull because the hair is hollow. The oil fills these holes with artificial pigments, and the hair is full. However, these artificial colors will gradually lose with the shampoo, the sun, etc., and the hair will return to the same state. For example, oyster sauce is like a make-up, it looks gorgeous but can't really solve the problem. The hair mask is like a skin care product, changing the texture of the hair and starting to nourish the hair from the roots.

Just like the skin, after the hair and scalp are cleaned, it needs to be supplemented with nutrients, just like giving the skin full nutrition, so that it has a shiny foundation.

The purpose of hair care is to make the hair fully absorb the nutrients, and at the same time form a protective layer on the outside of the hair to protect it from damage and keep it soft, shiny and elastic. Just choose different skin care products for different types of skin. You can choose different hair care products according to the degree of hair damage: dry sensitive hair should use moisturizing hair care products with high protein, such as protein hair care. Dew, can be used daily. If it is extremely chaotic, dry hair, you can use the hair mask to deeply nourish the hair that is damaged and difficult to manage, so that it can be healthy, soft and shiny. However, the use of the hair mask should not be too frequent, once a week is more appropriate, otherwise it may be over-nutrition, the scalp is more sticky.

The hair mask is a cosmetic product that protects the hair from the harsh environment of the outside world. Wella L'Oreal Mei Tao is good, you can choose to finish on the weekend, after the hair is cleaned, apply the ointment evenly on the hair, then wrap the hair with a hot towel (to be very hot), then put on the shower cap. After 15~20 minutes, the beautiful hair will reappear, and the hair should be naturally dried. It can only be blown to 6~7% with a hair dryer.