Whitening Face Mask

- Sep 16, 2019-

Face Mask

Face mask is a category in skin care products. It is a carrier for beauty care products. It is applied to the face for cosmetic functions such as moisturizing, whitening, anti-aging, balancing oil and so on.

We need to know the real mask should be the first to reduce the skin, that is, deep cleansing, exfoliation, remove oxidized oil, and then add to the skin, that is, whitening, anti-aging, balance oil and other maintenance work on the basis of moisturizing.


The form of the mask mainly includes a mud type, a tear type, a jelly type, and a wet paper type. Mud masks are commonly used in seaweed masks, mineral mud masks, etc. The most common type of tear mask is the black nose acne special nose stick. The gel type is the most famous for sleeping mask. The wet tissue type is usually a single piece of infiltration of beauty. The liquid mask paper is composed of a layer of flat non-woven fabric and a fixed sticker. Along with the development of beauty technology, a mask made of silk has appeared, strictly speaking, it should be classified into a wet tissue type mask.

Clay Face Mask

Net weight: 250g/jar.

Package way: 72 Jars/carton.

Ingredient: ALOE VERA, Glycerin,

Function: Anti aging, anti wrinkle, anti fine lines, firming, brightening.

Picture: As below

Peel Off Face Mask

Net weight: 60g/tube.

Package way: 200 tubes/carton.

Ingredient: Green Tea, PEARL, Collagen

Function: Anti aging, anti wrinkle, anti fine lines, firming, brightening.

Picture: As below

Face Mask Sheet

Volume: 30ml/sheet.

Package way: 10 sheets/box. 30 boxes/carton

Ingredient: Green Tea, PEARL, Collagen

Function: Hydrating, moisturizing, brightening, whitening.

Picture: As below

Selection skills


Choose a thicker mask paper. Thicker facial masks can lock the essence or nutrients relatively. Too light means that the mask paper is relatively thin.

Sense of service

Does the mask paper fit the facial curve and the unevenness, and does it take into account the degree of compliance around the nose and around the eye? These problems directly affect the absorption of nutrients absorbed by the skin on the mask. The degree of compliance between the mask and the face depends on the number of cuts on the mask. Usually, the number of knives cut by mask paper is mostly 8 knives, and the mask of good mask can be up to 12 knives.


The material of the mask will affect the comfort and effect of the mask. The natural cotton texture mask is the most popular material in recent years, followed by synthetic fiber material. The slightly thicker, weighty mask paper absorbs a sufficient amount of moisturizing essence and provides a better "pressurized seal" for the skin. Bio-fiber facial mask paper works best, and is generally used in professional beauty salons. Because it is more expensive, it is more difficult for ordinary people to afford this price.


1 First of all, you should prepare the skin in front of the application, mainly to thoroughly cleanse the skin, or apply a hot towel for 3 minutes after the massage, so that the pores are expanded, then use the mask. When using, wrap the hair with a towel to reveal the face. It is best to apply the cream or olive oil to the eyebrows, eyelashes, etc., because the mask cannot be applied in these places.

2 Apply the mask to your finger or soft brush. Apply evenly on the neck for one or two times, one nose and one lip. Should be about 0.5 cm away from the eyes, lips, eyebrows, etc., so as not to stimulate the mucosa to cause adverse reactions. Place eye pad protection if necessary. If you are oily skin, apply the mask from the T-shaped part with a lot of oil. It doesn't matter if you use more than one part, then apply other parts in order.

3 to avoid facial muscles after the application of the face, it is best to take a lying position. Natural facial agents are generally retained for 10 to 30 minutes. The peeling mask is allowed to dry naturally for 10 to 20 minutes, then peeled off from top to bottom by light pressing, or washed with water. The number of masks should be properly controlled, and the application of the face will accelerate the relaxation and aging of the skin. Under normal circumstances, apply once a week. For therapeutic purposes such as oily skin, acne skin or pigmentation, it can be used 2-3 times a week.



Make a mask while taking a bath

No special use of eye mask

Apply a mask to the neck

Never waste the essence in the mask

Must be exfoliated before making a mask

Frequent use of tear-off mask

Get rid of misunderstanding

Make a mask at the right time, give your skin a good maintenance, and want the skin to get better and better. Be sure to get rid of these mistakes.

Mask frequency

The normal frequency of use of the mask is about twice a week. Daren teaches you: If you need to strengthen a certain effect, such as whitening, you can apply the mask for 7 days in the first week, then apply it 2~3 times a week from the second week.

Mask use time

Expert opinion: Night is the "golden time" of skin beauty. At this time, the skin cells are more active and the metabolism is stronger. It can make the beauty essence of the mask or other skin care products more fully effective, so that the skin quality can be further improved. . Therefore, night is the best choice for making masks.

Mask composition selection

Expert opinion: When choosing a mask, you must choose the desired effect according to your skin type. For the composition of the mask, it is necessary to determine the precautions noted in the mask before use, and strictly follow the instructions. Whether it's dry, oily, combination skin, or sensitive skin, you can only use the right mask for your best results.

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