Anti-black Circles

- Apr 14, 2019-

Excessive fatigue, exposure to the sun or weak microvascular function, easily lead to poor blood circulation, leading to dark circles, adequate sleep and rest to fight against dark circles.

Generally, women should start using eye cream from the age of 25, giving special attention to the skin around the eyes, which can delay the appearance of wrinkles. If you have already seen wrinkles, eye bags, dark circles, etc., you should use the corresponding anti-aging, anti-eye bags and other special effects of essential oils. In general, a 30-year-old watershed, a moisturizing eye cream before the age of 30, requires special protection after the age of 30. When applying essential oils and eye creams, pay attention to not excessively large amounts. Otherwise, the skin will not absorb well and it will be easy to use fat particles.

Anti black circles