Compression Mask

- Feb 01, 2019-

The compressed mask paper is about the same size as a five-dollar coin. It has a thickness of about 3 mm. When it is used, it only needs to be placed in a liquid to expand naturally. When it is opened, it is a mask paper suitable for the public face. It is suitable for traveling, convenient and beautiful.

How to use: Cleanse the skin first, then remove the mask paper and place the mask paper in the container. Fill the container with lotion, and the mask paper absorbs moisture and expands. After a few minutes, it becomes a mask paper of the same size as the face. Unfold the mask and apply it gently to the face. Wait for 10 minutes after the mask is dry, peel off from the bottom, apply a little moisturizer, and the skin is tender and white. You can choose water to make a mask according to your skin condition.