Facial Origin History

- Jan 07, 2019-

After the world-famous Cleopatra, the eggs are often applied to the face in the evening. When the egg whites are dry, they form a film that is tight on the face. When they are washed up with water in the morning, the skin on the face can be smooth, delicate and youthful. Glorious. It is said that this is the origin of the modern popular mask. In the Tang Dynasty of China, Yang Guifei, who replied with a smile and smiles, rumored that she was glamorous and fascinating. In addition to her living conditions such as eating and drinking, she also benefited from the mask she specially used. Yang Guifei's mask is not difficult to do: use pearl, white jade, ginseng to make a fine powder, mix it with fine powder, mix it with fine powder, mix it into a cream and apply it to the face, wait for a while, then wash away. It is said to be able to remove white spots, remove wrinkles and shine skin. It seems that the beauty mask that is easy to handle and has obvious effects has long been used by women who love beauty, and has been continuously improved and used today. In beauty cosmetics, the mask is one of the earliest appearances.