Hair Conditioner

- May 06, 2019-


It is generally believed that the hair has a negative charge. Shampooing (mainly an anionic detergent, soap also belongs to this type) will cause the hair to carry more negative charges, resulting in static electricity, which makes combing inconvenient. A conditioner is used, in which the main component cationic quaternary ammonium salt neutralizes molecules that remain anionic on the surface of the hair, leaving a uniform monomolecular film. This layer of wonderful things will bring a series of benefits to the hair. : Soft, shiny, easy to comb, anti-static, and the damage caused by mechanical damage of hair and chemical, hot, and hair dyes are repaired to some extent.

Use effect

The surface layer of healthy hair consists of a complete set of hair scales and naturally secreted oil to form a protective film for the hair. Excessive washing, hot dyeing and sun exposure will destroy this layer of natural protective film, causing loss of moisture in the cortex and drying and loss of hair. Elastic and soft. Only by using conditioner regularly can the long-lasting protective film of the hair be protected from damage.

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