Mask Main Event

- Mar 19, 2019-

On March 9, 2015, the reporter learned from the Guangzhou Consumers Association that consumers had a total of 51 complaints about facial masks in the complaints of the Trade and Industry Bureau and the Consumers Association. Among them, Watsons and Porcelain Company were the units complained. Most of them, Watson's 4 times, the cause of skin allergies caused by the mask purchased by Watsons is the main cause of complaints; Porcelain muscle company 3 times, cosmetics caused skin problems and the lack of goods during the mailing process is the main reason for complaints.

On May 18th, Ms. Wang bought a bundle of whitening balance toner, lotion and good night mask from the Watsons cosmetics chain at No. 8 Huangsha Avenue, Liwan District. The total value was 308 yuan. If you feel uncomfortable, you will not continue to use it. The next day, Miss Wang found a problem with edema, itching, and hotness on her face, so she immediately went to the doctor. The doctor’s report showed that the skin problem was caused by allergic reactions on the face. Ms. Wang took the retained documents and asked the merchant to make compensation on May 20th. However, the other party only agreed to the refund and did not reimburse the consumer for other expenses. Miss Wang immediately filed a complaint with the Consumer Association. After mediation, Watsons has refunded 308 yuan to the consumer and tested the skin according to the cost specified by the consumer-designated hospital.

In addition, the complainant Xiao bought a box of beauty mask on the first floor of Huahui International Building, No. 4, Zhu Circuit, Nansha District, on August 28, worth 99 yuan, with a POS ticket, August 24 After use, there are red spots and itching. It goes to the hospital for medical treatment. There is a hospital receipt. The medical records indicate that the face has allergies after using the mask. On the same day, Mr. Xiao went to the hospital for diagnosis and called the merchant to pursue the case. I did not expect that the business would ignore it.

In addition, the Jiaren Mask sold on April 7th at the first floor of Hongli Shopping Center, No. 1111, Airport Road, Baiyun District, is printed by Watsons, 1st Floor, Mei Garden Commercial Plaza, No. 28, Beimei Garden, Guangzhou Avenue, Baixi District, Baiyun District. The moisturizing hydrating mask has experienced product quality problems and was investigated and investigated by the Industry and Commerce Bureau.

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