Mask Selection Technique

- Mar 12, 2019-


Choose a thicker mask paper. Thicker facial masks can lock the essence or nutrients relatively. Too light means that the mask paper is relatively thin.

Sense of service

Does the mask paper conform to the facial curve and unevenness, and does it take into account the degree of service around the nose and around the eyes? These problems directly affect the absorption of nutrients absorbed by the skin on the mask. The degree of compliance between the mask and the face depends on the number of cuts on the mask. Usually, the number of knives cut by mask paper is mostly 8 knives, and the mask of good mask can be up to 12 knives.


The material of the mask will affect the comfort and effect of the mask. The natural cotton texture mask is the most popular material in recent years, followed by synthetic fiber material. The slightly thicker, weighty mask paper absorbs a sufficient amount of moisturizing essence and provides a better "pressurized seal" for the skin. Bio-fiber facial mask paper works best, and is generally used in professional beauty salons. Because it is more expensive, it is more difficult for ordinary people to afford this price.

peeling mask