Vaginal Healthy Care

- May 21, 2020-

Woman Yoni Firming Essential Oil

Natural vagina tightening and rejuvenating oil. This is a multipurpose oil for the treatment of foul odour, vaginal dryness, and firmness of vagina. It helps to restore the femaleness of women in a natural way. This oil improves the blood circulation and the vagina grip by strengthening vaginal muscles and tissues.

Virgin Again oil removes the deal cells and replaces them with new cells. It prevents infections and delays the ageing effects in vagina. It gives woman a new sensation and makes her feel like a virgin. This oil is completely safe and easy to use.

How to Use:

Clean skin before use, apply 5-8 drops to private area each time, massage to absorb.


Avoid house affairs as far as possible within 3 hours after prohibition of use in cases of skin diseases, etc.

Organic Feminine Wash Intimate Vaginal Wash for Feminine Hygiene


√ Odor Improve: itchy and unpleasant smell of secret area becomes refreshing and pleasant.

√ Ph Balance: keeping the ideal pH level balance of the sensitive area (slightly acidic)

√ Moisturizer: provides enough moisture to dry and stiffen your skin

√ Vagina skin elasticity improve: loose skin to be firm and elastic

√ Daily and constant cleaning and hygiene management

How to use?

1. Pump 2 to 3times onto the hand.

2. Gently apply and rinse thoroughly with 30~40 degrees warm water. Do not leave any residue.

Feminine Yoni Spray

Our gentle formula keeps your ph balanced, eliminates odor and bad bacteria while leaving you feeling fresh & clean.

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